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Visualization Meets Vision Science

  • Location: TBA, Berlin, Germany
  • Time: TBA, October, 2018
  • How to attend: Register for IEEE VIS here.

Meetup Goals:

The primary goals of this meetup are: 1) to introduce and initiate collaborative conversations among visualization researchers who are interested in vision science, 2) to offer a welcoming space for visualization researchers to elicit feedback for less polished active research and proposals with a relevant audience, and 3) to invite discussion and collaboration with vision scientists from the European research community who have expressed interest in attending IEEE VIS.

The meetup will be structured in the following format:

  • Opening remarks [5 mins]
  • Lightning talks by interested attendees (2-3 minutes each; slides optional) [35 mins]
  • Meetup breaks out into open discussion [20 mins]

Total: 60 minutes

Call for Abstracts: *deadline extended!

Vision science provides both an empirical basis for techniques and design practices in visualization, as well as a suite of methods and approaches for evaluating and understanding them—including what data trends people see, what statistics they extract, and what they ultimately remember. Visualization provides a real world platform for vision scientists to investigate how we perceive and transform visual information into knowledge.

To support scholars at the intersection of these topics, we are hosting a special interest group meeting at IEEE VIS 2018 in Berlin on October TBD. The meeting will provide an opportunity to ask questions, to share new research ideas, and to extend attendees’ professional networks. All are welcome to attend, and we encourage interested attendees to  submit an abstract for a 2-3 minute ‘lightning talk’ about their latest work. This application should be completed by September 28, 2018, and can be found here:

Abstracts should be 500 words or less, discussing on-going or proposed research and/or perspectives at the intersection of visualization and vision science. We encourage submissions from both vision scientists and visualization researchers who develop, use, or apply perception research in their work. Example topics include (but are not limited to): color perception, visual search, pop-out, visual attention and eye tracking, saliency, memorability, visual grouping, perception of aesthetics, information valence, novel applications of vision science research, strategies for leveraging visualization to understand vision, and related ideas. Abstracts and slides from VIS 2017 can be found at

Each speaker will have 2-3 minutes to present in the lightning talks session of the meetup. Selected talk abstracts will be announced September 28th and authors of accepted abstracts may elect to have their abstracts published on

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