Vision science provides an empirical basis for techniques and design practices in visualization, including what data features people attend to, what statistics they extract, and what they ultimately remember. Visualization provides real world problems for vision scientists to investigate, including color perception, pop-out, and salience. Help us explore and promote this promising research partnership!

This website is a place for sharing the latest relevant publications, conference events, and collaborative efforts between these two communities.

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visXvision is organized by six researchers active at the intersection of visualization and vision science…

unnamed-3Madison Elliott (University of British Columbia)

ChristieChristie Nothelfer (Nielsen Inc.)

danielleDanielle Albers-Szafir (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Zoya Bylinskii (Adobe, Inc.)

CindyCindy Xiong (Northwestern University)

Steve Haroz (Université Paris-Saclay, Inria)

Affiliated groups: