On Novel Directions in Vision Science and Visualization Research

Date: TBD, October 22-27, 2023
Time: TBD
Location: In person in Melbourne, AUS per IEEE VIS guidelines

Interdisciplinary research in vision science and visualization aims to provide a better scientific understanding of how people interpret visualized data.

By studying the cognitive processes involved in visual perception, visualization researchers can gain insight into designing visualizations to meet user goals.Topics from vision sciences, such as memory, ensemble coding, numerical cognition, color perception, and pattern recognition, can be mapped directly to common challenges encountered in visualization research. At the same time, engaging with visualization research exposes vision scientists to novel challenges and research questions in their field, and creates potential for tackling well-known questions with new methods.

Building on the growing interest in work at this intersection between the vision science and visualization communities, this 3rd biennial workshop at IEEE VIS 2023 aims to facilitate collaboration between the two fields by by bringing in new researchers, discussing innovative discoveries, and sharing cutting-edge research methods and proposals. Through a multi-stage format, the workshop provides a platform for diverse voices to be heard and
new collaborations to be formed

Stay tuned for Invited Speakers!

Call for submissions

Workshop Program

Time Slot
(HH:MM in Australian Eastern Daylight Time Zone)
09:00-09:05Opening remarks
09:05-09:40Short paper talks + panel (Session A)
09:40-09:55Lightning talks
09:55-10:15Structured brainstorm
10:15-10:30Mingling + review of brainstorm results
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:35Short paper talks + panel (Session B)
11:35-12:15Invited Speaker talks
12:15-12:30Invited Speaker panel
12:30-12:35Concluding remarks